1. unsubordinate, defiant, rebellious; insurrectional, mutinous, revolting, seditious, insurgent, riotous, revolutionary; anarchistic, lawless.
2. disobedient, refractory, recalcitrant, contumacious; undutiful, uncomplying, noncomplying, uncompliant, noncompliant, noncooperative, uncooperative, nonconforming; cross-grained, perverse, contrary, fro-ward, opposed, restive, balking, dissentient, recusant, resistant; stubborn, obstinate, pig-headed, mulish, obdurate, headstrong, willful, wayward; intractable, unsubmissive, indocile, disorderly, unruly, bad; incorrigible, unmanageable, ungovernable, uncontrollable.
3. rebel, insurrectional, upriser, mutineer, insurgent, rioter, revolutionary; dissenter, recusant, resistant, nonconformist; striker, picketer, protester, protest marcher

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